Virginia Women in HPC - Research Highlights Event

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Virtual via Zoom
UVA Research Computing

UVA Research Computing will host Virginia’s first Women in High-Performance Computing (VA-WHPC) program. Join them for their first event of 2022: Female research leaders of the Commonwealth sharing and discussing how HPC has facilitated their scientific research and professional careers.


  • Anne Brown (VT) is an Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Science Informatics Consultant and Health Analytics Coordinator at Virginia Tech. Her research interests include utilizing computational modeling to answer biological questions and aid in drug discovery and the application of computational molecular modeling to elucidate the relationship between structure, function, and dynamics of biomolecules.

  • Jenna Cann (GMU) is a postdoctoral fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Jenna received a PhD in Physics from George Mason University. Her research focuses on studying black holes in dwarf and low metallicity galaxies, in an effort to constrain the origins of supermassive black holes that can be up to billions of times the mass of our Sun. To do this, they use both theoretical modeling with the Cloudy spectral simulation code and infrared and X-ray observations to determine the most effective ways to find these elusive objects. Jenna currently serves as a co-officer in the NASA Goddard Association for Postdoctoral and Early Career Scholars (NGAPS+) and was a co-founder of the GMU Physics and Astronomy department’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) organization, SPECTRUM.

  • Alexis Edwards (VCU) is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her research focuses on understanding the etiology of substance use disorders, suicidal behavior, and internalizing problems, including how these outcomes are related to one another.