Community Care in Response to COVID-19

Community Care in Response to COVID-19

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At the University of Virginia, we affirm the values of belonging, respect, access, and community care. We stand against xenophobia, ableism, and all forms of discrimination and injustice.

There is a long unfortunate history of stereotypes associating those perceived as “outsiders”, and specifically Asians, with disease. Harassment of or bias toward members of our international community or any Asian-identified individuals due to fears of the coronavirus are not only unwarranted, they are not what we stand for at UVA. UVA policy prohibits discrimination and harassment based on certain protected characteristics, including race and ethnicity, national origin, and disability status or those regarded as having a disability, including chronic illness. During this unprecedented time, we must work as a community to fervently reaffirm our values.  

As COVID-19 spreads, this is a moment for us to recognize our interdependence and to strengthen our commitment to collective care. Specifically, how we combat the spread of isolation, othering, and fear. We must ask ourselves at this time of social emergency, how can we stand in solidarity, for mutuality, and community care – and what can we learn to promote systemic change, not only in a time of crisis, but into the future, to support inclusive excellence and a community where all feel valued and welcome?

In addition to taking health precautions advised by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Virginia Department of Health (VDH), we invite you to take this moment to envision, build, and contribute to a more inclusive and resilient UVA. There are many resources circulating. Here are a few thoughts you might find helpful in caring for yourself and our community members during this difficult time:

  • Communicate with compassion
  • Put people first
  • Put safety before “success”
  • Center accessibility and equity in all response efforts
  • Share resources
  • Offer consideration for those least likely to receive it
  • Engage in flexibility and mindfulness practices

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How You Can Help

Hospitals need blood donations

Virginia hospitals, and those located across the country, are experiencing severe blood shortages. UVA Health encourages members of the community who are healthy and eligible to contact the American Red Cross to make an appointment to donate blood at one of their fixed locations.

Consider Donating to Help Meet COVID-19 Challenges Now 

The University of Virginia has established several mechanisms to provide funding for students, healthcare workers, staff, contract workers and the local community. Visit the University's giving site to learn more. 

Free lunch programs

Charlottesville city Schools are offering free lunch to students during the coronavirus pandemic. The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation is creating a school-based fund to support their food delivery efforts and more details will be available soon. You can find information from schools in your area on how the free lunch programs will be maintained, and how you can support during extended closures.

Support Cville
  • Support CVille is one of the most comprehensive website listings of ways for people to give and receive support in the local Charlottesville community.
  • Note: Support Cville has been listed only as a potential informational resource, it is a non-exhaustive list and none of the organizations listed are specifically endorsed by, favored by, or affiliated with the University.
Contact your local food bank

The Blue Ridge Area Food Bank needs healthy volunteers to work at the food bank. See their statement on COVID-19 and their volunteer page to learn more. Research local food banks in your area to see how you can volunteer or otherwise support their important community efforts.

Volunteer opportunities

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) for Charlottesville, Albemarle, and UVA is developing an email contact list to share volunteer opportunities with community members. Please use this online form to sign up to get information and updates on ways to help in our community. A variety of opportunities will be shared. 

Volunteer Now

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