Learning Programs

Learning Programs

Our Philosophy


Our learning program philosophy is that every offering we provide should be relevant to our context and mission, engaging, and inclusive. We seek to co-create opportunities to contribute to learning through dialogue as our authentic selves, to encourage critical thinking, and to support intellectual and emotional growth. Much of our work is anchored by a model for intercultural competence . We seek to provide learning opportunities at multiple levels in order to build the inclusive capacity of our community and to promote a culture of care where all are heard, seen, and respected.

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What We Provide

Our Division can provide or recommend workshops and sessions for the purpose of increasing knowledge, skills and capacity on topics related to advancing our goals for inclusive excellence. You can sign up for any of our scheduled public offerings from the event listing below. Interested in learning more or requesting a session? Simply complete the request form below and our team will contact you to discuss your needs and develop a plan for making high quality learning opportunities available. Our services are open to members of the UVA and our local community. We are working to build a full program of responsive offerings. Expand a title below to learn more about our current offerings.

Current Offerings

You can review information on our current offerings by expanding a topic below. If you are not sure where to start you may want to engage with our self-reflection tool to highlight awareness and skill areas where you would like to build your inclusive intercultural competence through in-person or online offerings that we or our University partners offer.

Self-Reflection Tool

I Felt That: Microaggression and Its Impact

This session provides an overview and definition of the concept of microaggressions. Additionally, this presentation will provide examples of three distinct types of microaggression and the impact it has on individuals. This workshop will also provide participants with an approach on how to defend from microaggressions using the R.A.V.E.N method. This method is useful in confronting microaggressions in different scenarios and situations.

Spring 2024 Dates:

May. 14 - Registration

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 18 - Registration

Jul. 16 - Registration

Aug. 20 - Registration


That's The Way of The World: Introduction to DEI

This session provides an overview on the concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Additionally, this presentation will provide participants with the ability to define each concept in relation to our shared work at the University of Virginia. This session will also provide participants with the opportunity to identify and reflect upon how each concept relates to their unique identity and why it matters.

Spring 2024 Dates:

May. 07 - Registration

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 11 - Registration

Jul. 09 - Registration

Aug. 13 - Registration


Free Your Mind: Introduction to Implicit Bias

In this session we will seek to understand a particular type of bias commonly referred to as implicit bias. We will engage and consider ways we can become more aware of our own biases (where they come from and how to notice them) and learn specific approaches we can take as individuals to mitigate negative implicit biases we may notice.

Spring 2024 Dates:

May. 09 - Registration

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 13 - Registration

Jul. 11 - Registration

Aug. 15 - Registration

Can We Talk? Introduction to Difficult Dialogues

In this session we explore the power of learning through dialogue. Specifically, the session helps us to distinguish dialogue from debate and positions us with tools for having conversations, when the stakes are high or the relationships matter, where we turn towards each other rather than on each other. We will also engage to better understand the potential, and often differential based on our positions to structural power, risks and rewards in holding space for dialogue in certain circumstances.

Spring 2024 Dates:

May. 28 - Registration

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 20 - Registration

Jul. 18 - Registration

Aug. 22 - Registration

A Change is Gonna Come: Introduction to Equity

This session explores the distinctions between equity and equality and introduces the concept of building not only an equity lens, but an equity mindset. Through reviewing and applying key concepts this session will help individuals better understand how they can begin to engage with organizational structures and systems with equity in mind.

Spring 2024 Dates:

May. 21 - Registration

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 25 - Registration

Jul. 23 - Registration

Aug. 27 - Registration

I Felt That the Remix: Intermediate Microaggressions

This session reviews and extends the lessons learned in the introduction to microaggressions by considering proactive actions that can be engaged to improve relationships and organizations. This includes considering the power of positive microbehaviors known as microaffirmations

Summer 2024 Dates:

Jun. 27 - Registration

Jul. 25 - Registration

Aug. 29 - Registration

Remembering for our Future

This four-part dialogue series explores the history of race, racism, and racist ideas. We are seeking to remember our history with the purpose of understanding how it carries into our present, and upon facing the truth of our history - how we might transform the possibilities for our future. Note: If the participant group is larger than 15 people we will work with your area to identify additional dialogue facilitators who will need to participate in an additional facilitator orientation session to support the effort.

Spring 2024 Dates: By Request Only

Sessions In Planning

The following session topics are currently planned for development over the next year:

  • Intermediate Dialogue



June 11, 2024
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
Diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are words that effect many of our lives but what do they really mean? How are they defined? What can they mean to you?
June 13, 2024
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
June 18, 2024
12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
This presentation will provide an overview and definition of the concept of microaggressions.


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Learning Resources


What is Neurodiversity? - Check out this Blog Post from a UVA community member or the neurodiversity field guide from PivotDiversity.

How do I promote Neurodiversity in employment? - Check out this LinkedIn Learning Course (Note: Netbadge Required)

How do I support Neurodiversity programs and research at UVA? - - Check out STAR @ UVA or the UVA Brain Institute



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Learning Resources


What is accessibility? - Check out the University's Statement on Accessibility.

How do I promote accessibility in employment? - Check out these LinkedIn Learning Courses on Supporting Workers with Disabilities and Digital Accessibility for the Modern Workplace (Note: Netbadge Required)

How do I support disability studies at UVA? Check out more information on the UVA disability studies initiative.


Gender & Sexuality

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Learning Resources

LGBTQ2+ & Gender Diversity

What is LGBTQ2+ & Gender Diversity? - Check out sessions and information from the LGBTQ Center at UVA and learn more about Gender Diversity through EOCR's resources.

How do I Promote LGBTQ2+ & Gender Diverse employment? - Check out this LinkedIn Learning course on LGBTQ issues in the Workplace (Note: Netbadge Required).

How do I support LGBTQ2+ & Gender Diversity programs, groups,  and scholarship at UVA? - Check out the Department of Women, Gender, & Sexuality, support the  Gender Affirming Care team at UVA Health, get connected with the LGBT Committee or QSU at UVA.