Learning Resources

Learning Resources


The University of Virginia’s Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DDEI) has compiled information about a broad range of diversity, equity, inclusion, civil rights, and belonging learning resources, recommended by members of the UVA community. While not an exhaustive list of all the potential learning resources that may be available to you, the information below provides a wide range of ways to learn about histories, ideas, strategies, and skills that contribute to building our collective capacity for inclusive excellence. We are listing a broad range of resources, many of them free. Listing a potential resource does not mean the Division or the University endorses the viewpoint or specific content of the resource and we encourage individuals to engage critically with all information they encounter and the context in which it is presented. For academic courses that may be of interest, visit the UVA Engaged course listing site or the University Record. The University also hosts a broad range of conferences, symposia, and special events relating to diversity, equity, inclusion, civil rights, and belonging. Regularly check the UVA Calendar to learn about additional opportunities throughout the year.

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