Inaugural Descendants Day

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Virtual via Zoom
Descendants of Enslaved Laborers at the University of Virginia

Join the Descendants of Enslaved Communities at the University of Virginia for their official public launch event, their Inaugural Descendants Day!

Each year, DEC-UVA will host an annual celebration for the descendants of the free and enslaved laborers who built the University of Virginia. This year, in celebration of hosting their first public event, DEC-UVA has planned a virtual panel on Descendant Communities in Virginia. DEC-UVA will be joined by guest panelists: Dr. Andrea Douglass (Jefferson School African American Heritage Center), Dr. Jody Allen (The Lemon Project at William and Mary), and Dr. Michael Blakey (Montpelier Descendant Committee). DEC-UVA will also introduce themselves and share their vision for their work with UVA's descendant communities.

Please join DEC-UVA in building a strong coalition of descendants of the free and enslaved African American communities rooted at the University of Virginia.

DEC-UVA invites you to take part in their upcoming programming as they commit to reclaim, honor & repair the legacies of the ancestors.

Following the conclusion of the public event, there will be a brief descendants-only session to provide more information for any attendee who believes they have free or enslaved ancestors in Central Virginia who may have worked at UVA.

Space is limited. Please register to attend in advance.

* You do not need to be a descendant to attend the public event*