Diversity Council

Diversity Council


  • To provide a forum where representatives from various segments of the University community can come together to discuss and consider forward-looking, proactive strategies, methods, and approaches that will help to make U.Va a more diverse and welcoming environment at all levels;
  • To create a setting in which representatives can present diversity-related issues and considerations that are occurring either within their own administrative unit, or within other areas that they have either knowledge about or interest in; and
  • To review information and materials that are intended to enhance and celebrate diversity that are being used or discussed in other higher education institutions, or in other settings, to determine whether they might have any applicability to U.Va.

Working Groups

On October 14, 2021, the Diversity Council adopted a new charter. This charter established seven working and advisory groups.

  • Annual Learning Working Group
  • John T. Casteen Award Selection Advisory Group
  • Climate and Intergroup Relations Working Group 
  • Community Partnership Working Group
  • DDEI Communications Advisory Group 
  • Policy-Equity Review Advisory Group
  • DEI Metrics Advisory Group 



Ed Scott

Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy

Marrissa Jones

Career Services


College of Arts and Sciences

Keisha John

Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

Christie Julien

Executive Vice President & Provost

Matt Banfield

Facilities Management

Kit Meyer
Emily Douglas

General Faculty Council

Derick Williams

Housestaff Council for Diversity & Inclusion

Cherise Brackett

Madison House


McIntire School of Commerce

Katherine Lawrence

Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights

Alexis Lomax

Office of Admissions

Allyson Umali
CC Duncan

Office of Compliance

Gary Nimax

Office of the Dean of Students

Tabitha Enoch
Vicki Gist

Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs

Jasmine Crenshaw

Office of the President

Brian Cullaty

Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs

Sheri Winston

Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services

Lorie Strother

School of Architecture

Cindy Kiefer

School of Data Science

Siri Russell

School of Education and Human Development

Catalina Esguerra

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Meara Habashi

School of Law

Mark Jefferson

School of Medicine

Leah Beard

School of Nursing

Emma Mitchell

Student Disability Access Center

Jennifer Uber

University Advancement

Emily Tate

University Libraries

Elyse Girard

Catalina Piatt-Esguerra

University Police

Cortney Hawkins

UVA Health

Tracy Downs

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

Melissa Frederick
Lisa Harris

Women's Center

Jaronda Miller-Bryant